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DFW Business Advisors
We are a full service business advisor and mentoring company serving DFW area businesses.¬† We provide businesses with various service options based on the size and complexity of their business.  The following levels are designed to work within your budget and maximize the business value utilizing decades of experience in being accountable for profit and loss of businesses:

  • Business Planning and Execution

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • Financial Advisory Services

  • Human Values Assessment

  • Export Sales and Marketing

  • Business Exit / Succession Planning

  • Human / Systems Performance Improvement

  • Operations and Manufacturing Systems

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Website Design and Development

We help you manage your business instead of your business managing you, while helping you leverage your time and maximizing efficiency and profits!
We help you take your business to the heights you envisioned when you started your business.

  • When you are ready to take the first step in realizing your vision, contact Jim.

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DFW Business Advisors:  If you are outsourcing any of your services, we offer support with tactical planning, evaluation, implementation and business process development.  Additionally, we offer management advisory services, project management/professional recruiting and staffing solutions.

Multilevel Business Solutions:


  • New Business Development

I represent - Corporate Rain International which is a unique sales outsourcing company that specializes in arranging highly qualified new business meetings with senior executives and financial decision makers at companies with whom our clients wish to do business.  Over the years, we've served clients such as  AT&T, Marsh & McLennan, Con Edison, Deloitte & Touch√©, Grey Advertising, Harvard's International Economic Alliance along with the world's largest non-profits such as the American Alzheimer's Association, March of Dimes & PBS.  An article in the WSJ last year mentioned us as the #3 sales outsourcing firm in the world, #1 within our niche.


  • Human Values Assessment

I represent - Work Force Interactive - that provides an accurate insight that can play a crucial role in pre-employment screening , interviewing and career/organizational development. DFW Business Advisors relies on the Nobel Prize- nominated science behind the Hartman-Kinsel Value Profile in order to measure individuals' values and derive related emotional intelligence. Benchmarking research performed at industry or company level, provides the basis for online positional analysis.


  • Sanibel Island, Fl, Weekly Vacation Rentals

Sanibel Island has been consistently ranked in the top 10 beaches in North America. Sanibel Island has sand so fine that it feels like flour between your toes and boasts some of the best shelling in the world. It is very tropical, non-commercial, clean, friendly and has a huge appreciation of wildlife and the arts. A frequent vacation destination for Europeans. You can enjoy the island using over 25 miles of bike paths. It has good fishing, boating and many delicious restaurants on the Island. Great relaxing destination from the big city life. Please tap on the link above to view the properties in a tropical paradise.


  • Business Planning and Execution

Creating a compelling, executable business plan is the single most important thing that a business owner needs to do. DFW Business Advisors can help you develop a business plan to help you grow your business, minimize expenses and strategies to improve your competitiveness in the market place.

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies

DFW Business Advisors helps companies in developing sales and marketing strategies to increase their business.  We evaluate the competitive advantages of your products/services and determine the most cost effective way to retain and expand your customer base. Help companies develop minimal cost social network strategies to expand there business.


  • Financial Advisory Services

Provide corporate finance advisory services from emerging growth to lower middle market companies, which include corporate finance, M&A, strategic growth, turnarounds and virtual CFO/Controller services. We also assist with capital funding, cash flow analysis, receivables, credit restoration, expense control and budgeting.


  • Export Sales and Marketing

Help United States manufacturers/companies grow their sales by buying and reselling their products in export markets through its distribution channels, under branded or private label programs.


  • Business Exit/Succession Planning

We work with business owners who want to successfully leave their businesses, but don't know how to accomplish that goal. We use a systematic approach to take control of the succession planning process, in order to maximize the after tax value, those owners receive when they sell the business or transfer their business to family members or their employees. We assure business continuity and can assist with wealth and estate planning.


  • Human/Systems Performance Improvement

Performance improvement technology is a systematic approach to improving productivity and sustaining performance at optimal levels. It uses a set of methods and procedures for analyzing and solving issues that prevent your company from peak performance. It selects the most cost effective solution that provides the greatest return on investment, to improve your organization.


  • Operations and Manufacturing Systems

Implement lean systems, kaizen management, self directed and managed teams, operations and manufacturing management, quality systems and supply chain management and initiatives.


  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics services, including distribution, transportation, import/export, procurement domestically and internationally.


  • Website Design and Development

We have the knowledge and experience to make your business stronger, communicate better and move at the speed of the internet.  We understand how important the style and functionality of your website is for the successful growth of your business online.  Developing a effective presence on the web takes a combination of quality content, dynamic programming and powerful graphics.  We take the time to identify our client's objectives and develop intelligent solutions.


I have known Jim Heckert for over ten years. Jim and I met during a merger between my company and a publicly traded company. Over the years I have had many reasons to visit with Jim on a variety of business matters. Jim is a very capable business advisor. He has a wonderful demeanor. He has worked with the largest public companies in the world as well as small entrepreneurial businesses.  He is a skillful planner, business tactician, and a very capable administrator.  He communicates in a simple, straight forward manner and can relate to all personnel levels within an organization. He has a knack for doing the right things, not just doing things right. He knows how to maximize profits and is very proficient at managing the expenses  of a business. Jim has a very solid track record and is a trusted advisor.
Randall, Dallas TX

Jim has been a valued business advisor of mine for a number of years with several diverse ventures. Most recently, he helped me with the structuring of my finance company. He suggested that I short fund the contracts in my used car department, thus allowing enough reserve revenue to offset any expenses that occur. Since we started doing business this way, we have had no losses and should bring additional profits to the bottom line at years end.
Thanks Again,
Dan, Southlake, TX

Accredited by IIB
Jim Heckert
DFW Business Advisors
Direct: 214-520-1775
Cell:  214-708-6592
Fax: 815-301-2603



Business Planning and Execution

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Financial Advisory Services

Human Values Assessment

Export Sales and Marketing


Business Exit / Succession Planning

Human / Systems Performance Improvement

Operations and Manufacturing Systems

Supply Chain and Logistics

Website Design and Development

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